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March 1st marks the first day of spring according to the meteorological calendar. That's not what it felt like this year across Europe, and definitely not in the UK. Instead, Britain was hit by heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, courtesy of the so-called Beast from the East. Supposedly this was the biggest snowfall to hit Scotland in 20 years - it certainly is the most significant we have seen in our 6 years here in Edinburgh. For 2 days, schools were shut, stores were shut, buses were cancelled, flights were cancelled (including one to Milan that we were meant to be on!).  Streets were empty and so were the supermarket shelves. Coming from Eastern Europe, this amount of snow is nothing to be worried about, but Britain cannot deal with snow, which is understandable. It rains a lot here, but temperatures don't get too negative and snow rarely sets in city. So what do people do when this happens?  They stay indoors. What do I do? I reach for the camera. So here's how Edinburgh looks like covered in snow - quite a rare sight!

North Bridge, Waverley

The Mound, New College

North Bridge, Waverley

Calton Hill

West Princes Gardens